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Virtual Economic History Seminar - Shared screen with speaker view
Claudia Rei
- in agreement with the speaker this meeting is being recorded- the speaker will talk for 45 mins and at the end there will be 15 mins for Q&A at the end- please type clarifying questions in the chat box preceded by the word CLARIFYING; all other questions will be in the queue for the Q&A at the end, you'll be prompted by the organizer to unmute yourself and ask your question
Claudia Rei
CLARIFYING: the breakup of these three banks only happened in the West, correct? DId they remain large in the East? Did they not exist in the East?
Tom Nacinovich
did these regions correspond to the UK,US, and French zones?
Stefan Bauernschuster
The experiment you exploit results in discontinuous/sudden increases in bank size. From an empirical perspective, this is of course very nice. But these sudden jumps in bank size could trigger organizational problems for banks that we may not see if banks grow slowly but steadily. To which degree do you think this affects external validity?
Bitsy Perlman
Bitsy Perlman
Who are the mangers as the shocks happen -- are the "demoted" in the 40s and "promoted" or is the top layer of management just removed in the 1940s? Who moves into the different layers of management?