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Virtual Economic History Seminar - Shared screen with speaker view
Claudia Rei
- in agreement with the speaker this meeting is being recorded- the speaker will talk for 45 mins and at the end there will be 15 mins questions- rules: please type clarifying questions in the box chat preceded by the word CLARIFYING and one of the organizers will briefly interrupts the speaker for those at some point; all questions without CLARIFYING will be left to the end so the person can unmute and ask the question (the organizer will keep track of the queue to call the names in order at the end)
Bitsy Perlman
Hey everyone, since Petra was cutting in and out, I tried stopping peoples videos to see if it helps :-)
Larry White
clarification: What other kind of publications besides journals?
Claudia Rei
Feel free to type CLARIFYING questions here in the chat box or questions to ask at the end
Omer Ozak
Clarifying: is it ever getting tenure or in first job?
Bitsy Perlman
If want to ask a question after Petra is done type "question" here or raise your hand
David Mitch
Do your results imply arbitrage opportunities for scientific establishments willing to take a chance on mothers (the Becker claim about costs of discrimination)?
Martin Fernandez Sanchez
Hi Bitsy/Claudia/Felipe. I don't think if my microphone works, could you please ask my question? : "Fascinating. I may have missed this but, are the productivity gaps between mothers and fathers influenced by foreign male academics? I'm just curious since these may be super productive, and maybe there are fewer foreign women academics in the US at the time"
Bitsy Perlman
Sure, one person before you.
Ashish Aggarwal
Hello, my microphone is acting weird, please ask on my behalf:
Ashish Aggarwal
Is there anyway to control for “quality” of publication?
Mike Haupert
Petra, that was fascinating. Thanks!
Matt Clancy
Thanks Petra!
Jeff Furman
thanks, Petra! thanks all!
Greta Seibel
Thank you Petra!
Omer Ozak
That you Petra! Bye all!
Larry White
Good stuff!