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Webinar: Prioritizing Barriers and Facilitators to ACP with BC Community-based Organizations - Shared screen with speaker view
Helen Aqua
family doctors have no billing code to do “proper” advance care planning (temporary COVID code not sufficient)
Tara McCallan
I use 14033 for this, but agree, we need a code to allow for this to be done properly
Jill Peacock
Further confusion comes from interprovincial differences in representation, power of attorney...!
Helen Aqua
The Fraser Health team has developed extremely well run online webinars, somewhat based on the Health Canada Speak-Up
Thomas Shajan
Who should be aware of these findings? The multicultural community in Canada should be aware of this findings (not just the English speaking people or the project target audience) to step up and support those non profits who are spreading the message of ACP. Ultimately it is for everybody and spreading the message to a massive group will eventually help in reducing/eradicating those challenges
Thomas Shajan
Media support could be vital too
Rachel Carter
@John & @Jill - yes, differences between provinces is certainly an added confusion
Kathy Sheng
@Helen Aqua. Not sure if your comment was addressed earlier already as I stepped away for a moment. If not, could you please expand on your comment about physician billing codes? Interested in this topic!
Rachel Carter
@Helen, yes the Fraser Health team has examples of great collaboration with community organisations
John Steele
Is any work being done with students and parents in schools about life planning/life skills and is ACP a part of that?
Natasha Girard
Diana, would you be willing to share this form
Rachel Carter
@John, not to my knowledge, but also I'd be very interested in hearing if anybody knows of anything happening!
Natasha Girard
Jane Osborne
John … We are focused on targeting earlier in the process, I like the idea of schools. We will ask some questions as we go through our pilot.
Jill Peacock
I too would love to see the referral form. thanks!
Cyndi McLeod
Diana I would also love to see your ref form
Thomas Shajan
Schools, Colleges, HCP training institutes etc could be a feasible platform for initiative ACP studies. I agree with John and the others
Cyndi McLeod
Me is Cyndi @ Abbotsford Hsopice
Helen Aqua
What is the best way to track that after being information participants actually followed through?
Jane Osborne
In Cowichan Valley we are looking at designing a resource card with some simple questions around "Are you ready for the unexpected?". The other side will have a list of local and provincial resources for further steps.
Richard Dilworth
If the ACP referral form that Terrace Hospice has developed could be shared with the group attending this presentation it may help with the much needed continuity of messaging between community organizations and the various health authorities
Rachel Carter
@Diana if you are open to sharing your form, I could distribute to all that registered for the session.
tara shushtarian
Besides health related non profits were you able to reach out to different community / faith based organizations?
Susan Scott Gabe
Many thanks for a great presentation and stimulating conversation.
Cyndi McLeod
Hosrt completely support your wish to begin these conversations much earlier in life - we really ought to be beginning these conversations with grade school children and developing the conversations accordingly in respect to age . . . we need to shift the death denying culture we live in in NorthAmerica
Ellie Siden
@Tara we heard from one faith-based group and an immigration organization, among others.
Rachel Carter
@Tara we did include broader community organisations in the 'new' contacts list, I am not sure about how many faith based organisations were included, we'd have to check,
Richard Dilworth
Appreciate the efforts for all involved in delivering this presentation today. Thank you
Theresa Hamilton
I just wanted to express my gratitude for this study, you did a great job presenting the findings. Thank you for this work. Much of this was known, but hugly satisfying to hear. Thank you everyone for your input.
Jane Osborne
Hi Cyndi. I appreciate your comments supporting Horst. Would you be willing to chat with us in the next short while? Jane
Diane Edlund
college age ACP conversations would be valuable - given the pandemic, discussions are already happening among people - perhaps this leads to readiness for ACP conversations
Thomas Shajan
@Tara. Faith based organizations are finding it difficult to operate in this pandemic. So, the feasibility might be a question mark.
Cyndi McLeod
Most certainly Jane - Cyndi@abbotsfordhospice.org
Ellie Siden
Joanne Ritchie
Thank you so much for your time!
Michelle Howard
Thanks Ellie