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A Forest of Knowledge about the Texts and Images regarding Buddhist Saints, Sages, Translators, and Encyclopedists
October 14–16, 2021, in collaboration with Yale University, and Institute of Asian Civilization of the University of Zhejiang

Students of East Asian Buddhism are undeniably familiar with three tremendous resources: the medieval encyclopedia in 100 juan compiled in 668 by Daoshi 道世, A Forest of Pearls from the Dharma Garden (Fayuan zhulin 法苑珠林), Prof. Koichi Shinohara’s partial English translation thereof, and his own extensive publications. In 2019–2020, Prof. Shinohara published three volumes of an English translation of A Forest of Pearls from the Dharma Garden for the Bukkyō Dendōkyōkai (BDK) English Tripiṭaka Series, which covers the first 20 juan of this colossal compendium. Prof. Shinohara’s career has so far spanned half a century, during which time he has studied many aspects of medieval Chinese and Japanese Buddhist texts and images. Although he primarily taught at McMaster and Yale universities, Prof. Shinohara’s research has inspired or deeply touched nearly everyone working in the broader field of East Asian Buddhist Studies. In addition to the seven edited volumes published with Prof. Phyllis Granoff (spanning from 1988 to 2012), including Images in Asian Religions: Texts and Contexts (UBC Press, 2004), he published an innovative study of esoteric Buddhism in medieval China and Japan: Spells, Images, and Maṇḍalas: Tracing the Evolution of Esoteric Buddhist Rituals (Columbia University Press, 2014), and numerous articles and book chapters on topics ranging from so-called apocryphal Buddhist literature to textual and ritual studies, investigations of sacred biography or hagiography, particularly from the genre of Biographies of Eminent Monks (gaoseng zhuan 高僧傳) in China, and much more.

This conference will follow a symposia format. Panelists will first address comments from session discussants, then exchange feedback with fellow panelists, and if time allows, respond to questions from public attendees.

Webpage: https://bit.ly/3lYUiyq
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