Dean's Distinguished Lecture: Climate Justice and Educational Responsibility
The evidence of climate change is irrefutable. What is less apparent is how different groups—rich and poor, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, youth and elders—are differently affected by climate change and related risks such as extreme weather events, floods, and wildfires. How can we bring together educators, activists, policy makers, Indigenous communities and elders, scholars and frontline communities to ensure we are all working towards environmental justice? What role does education play in supporting and preparing youth to participate in and address the crisis?

The distinguished lecture series highlights ongoing work in the Faculty of Education and beyond to address some of society’s most pressing problems. Join Dr. Jan Hare, Dean pro tem of the Faculty of Education, as she engages Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis in conversation. Following the distinguished lecture, the Association of Canadian Deans of Education will launch its Accord on Education for a Sustainable Future, a document that highlights the role of education in preparing for the crisis that is on our doorstep.
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